Recipes (view and download our groundfish recipes)                                                                    

Wild Groundfish provides an opportunity for many delicious meal ideas.

With the wide range of species and product forms, it's truly a chef’s choice on what they will choose as a menu item. Easy to prepare, it’s also a favorite in households, particularly with health conscious consumers. Look for "Wild Groundfish" the next time your shopping at a local retail store or fish market.

 "BC Fresh" (10:15)
  Kosta the Fishmonger on CKNW (Nov. 4, 2009)

Whole Roasted Rockfish                                           Video            PDF
Rockfish Marinara                                                       Video     
Rockfish Stirfry                                                            Video            PDF
Rockfish Ceviche                                                         Video            PDF
Steamed Rockfish                                                       Video            PDF
Fisherman's Stew w/ Fish Cakes                             Video            PDF
Rockfish Tacos                                                             Video           PDF
Creamy Cod Gratin                                                       Video           PDF
Cod en Papillote                                           
  Video            PDF
Sole in Sake Kasu                                                        Video            PDF
Sole Fish & Chips                                                         Video            PDF
Mash in a Bird's Nest                                                  Video            PDF
Rock Sole in Corn Flake Crumbs                             Video 
Sablefish in Sizzling Hot Pot                                      Video            PDF
Lingcod with Yellow Curry                                         Video            PDF
Pan Fried Skate                                                            Video            PDF