Quality Groundfish from the clean, deep, cold waters of British Columbia, Canada

Fishing sustainably is paramount in the BC Groundfish trawl industry and providing a quality product is important to our customers.  We no longer try to maximize the amount of fish we catch.  To be consistent with responsible fishing, the trawl sector has reduced the amount of fish caught and focuses on selective fishing, consistency of supply and delivery of good quality.  There is a clear chain of custody in the Grounfish trawl fishery and the catch can be traced from the point of capture all the way through to the retailer. Fishing vessels in the BC trawl fleet are equipped with the most modern technology available so that the Groundfish caught is delivered in good quality while minimizing the impacts on the environment and the ecosystem.


BC fishermen are adapting their harvesting techniques to supply changing and dynamic market demands. Whether freezing at sea for a worldwide market, boxing fish in small amounts for specialty markets or delivering live, BC Groundfish trawl fishermen are coming up with ways in which to meet the needs of the market within the framework of a sustainable fishery.

  Video Clip: Quality (5:07)