The Fishery                                                                

The British Columbia trawl fishery is the largest producer of Wild Groundfish off the west coast of Canada. Vessels have actively harvested various species of wild rockfish, cod, and sole along the BC coast for over 60 years.  There are over 20 different species and 60 different stocks of Groundfish targeted by vessels ranging

from 35 to 180 feet in length. In 2008, the estimated landed value of Groundfish stocks was 146 million dollars.


British Columbia’s Groundfish trawl fishery continues to develop as it responds to the public’s need for sustainably managed fisheries and changes in the global marketplace. The increasing importance of sustainability, traceability, organics, and healthy, quality food choices has opened the door for B.C. Groundfish like never before.  With it’s diverse range of species, caught using selective harvesting techniques; BC Groundfish is fast becoming a favorite with health conscious consumers. 



Since 1994, the Groundfish trawl industry has been guided by the Canadian Groundfish Research and Conservation Society.  The mandate of the CGRCS is to support the conservation of Canada’s Pacific Groundfish resource. It is made up of vessel owners, operators, crewmembers, processors and others with a vested interest in the effective and

sustainable management of the BC Groundfish trawl fishery. In 1997, in conjunction with comprehensive monitoring programs, the government of Canada began assigning Groundfish quota to individual licensed trawl vessels to ensure each fishermen was fully accountable and responsible for their catch so that the benefits of British Columbia's Groundfish resources would continue to be realized by current and future generations.


The sustainable harvest of Canadian Groundfish from this highly specialized fishery generates valuable exports, jobs and tax revenue year after year on a continuous basis.

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